Areas of Expertise


Communications and Marketing  Working with in-house teams to determine immediate and long-term goals then developing and executing engaging and meaningful 360 degree global plans, spanning multiple channels and markets.

Brand Amplification  Developing social media and digital initiatives that deliver substantial global impressions and create increased brand awareness. Creating global campaigns centered on new and emerging media platforms that reach new fans, generate authentic interactions and supply sustained growth.

Media Solutions  Providing sound strategic and media counseling and placement, with an unparalleled understanding of media trends and innovations. We will help position your brand’s message and connect you with the right audience, providing a dynamic arena for powerful ideas and a context to realize them.

Content Creation  Creating strategic and dynamic content for all modes of media, from traditional to revolutionary. We can help make a lasting impression using your brand's unique assets to create a campaign that has a bold, cultural impact and augment your brand’s perception.

Global Celebrity Strategy  Establishing meaningful relationships with VIP’s through legitimate global ambassador and influencer programs, harnessing their relevance and network to amplify your brand’s messaging.

Events  Creating a blueprint for brand-enhancing consumer and press events that change brand perception and build loyalty.

Corporate Counsel   Deep knowledge and experience in leading corporate efforts in philanthropy, corporate communications, crisis management and reputation management.

Networks  Unparalleled and deeply trusted relationships with business and corporate media, consumer and lifestyle media, style influencers, taste makers, retailers, VIP’s and celebrities.